Start Fundraising Today!

Fun!  Simple!  Profitable!

KimsKandles, LLC offers a fundraising opportunity that is actually fun, simple and profitable.

KimsKandles are hand-poured, long lasting, double scented and affordably priced.  Each candle is specially poured to ensure a durable burn time, consistent scent throughout the life of the candle while creating a clean burn.  Available in a variety of scents, KimsKandles are easy to sell year-round and allows your organization to earn up to 35% of total sales.


KimsKandles provides everything you will need to conduct a successful fundraising campaign.


·      Order forms customized to your event are provided

·      Fast delivery within two weeks after order placement

·      Candles can be branded with a custom logo


Participate in a fundraiser that sells itself, and find out why KimsKandles is widely considered the “Fundraiser of Choice.”